Saturday, 12 September 2009

Review: Too True To Be Good

Too True To Be Good by George Bernard Shaw
Finborough Theatre, London SW10

The Shawcrank Invention

Shaw has definitely come back into vogue - so full of optimism TLT went to this fringe production. A bad-boy preacher and his piece of hot totty specialise in jewel thievery and persuade a poor-little-rich-girl victim to join them in their exploits.  The trio end up in a colonial outpost where their pasts finally catch up with them. In between there's an awful lot of lengthy speeches which only James Clarkson as the preacher's father seems to scoop up  and imbue with any relish or meaning. A last apocalyptic speech of the preacher appears to indicate what a more mature production could have achieved. It has its moments but we have to give the production as a whole a borderline  amber/red verdict ...

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