Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Power of Yes Review

The Power of Yes by David Hare
National Theatre, SE1

Foreclosed Minds

What a class-ridden declamatory curiosity The Power of Yes turns out to be. And what are we to make of unperturbed corporate creatures who step forward to rehearse legally safe phrases? No tackling even of basic questions such as what defines a “banker” nowadays when nobody seems to sport the founding name of the financial institution where they work. (Where are Mr Goldman and Mr Sachs or indeed Mrs Goldman and Mrs Sachs?). Instead a drippy fotherington-thomas author wants to have a chat with white middle class people who made a career choice after uni and are deemed to be VERY IMPORTANT. How nice. Let’s have dinner. Let’s commiserate about how things seem to have gone wrong. Except only the proles – oops – debt-laden fellow citizens have to trot along to the Citizens Advice Bureaux. For these on-stage ethereal creatures CAB still appears to mean that thing you hail on expenses. A red light opportunity missed. Or maybe the opportunity has already been grasped?

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