Sunday, 13 December 2009

Molière or The League of Hypocrites Review

Molière or The League of Hypocrites by Mikhail Bulgakov
Finborough Theatre, London SW10

Periwig and Sickle

Back to the Finborough to see an interesting take on the machinations of artistic life under Soviet rule through the prism of seventeenth century playwright Molière and the machinations of Louis XIV's French court. Lively direction and performances by all concerned, a mix of young and upcoming and more seasoned actors. An appreciative full house added to a play well-suited to the Finborough bijou stage with clever design making the most of the atmospheric fringe theatre. This is a play relying on the audience understanding cathartic codes to escape Stalinist censorship eg For Catholic Church descending on beleaguered playwright, read Communist Party while the farcical features lightly mask a deeply tragic reality. A stand out performance by Gyuri Sarossy as King Louis but all the cast did well in an engrossing piece of theatre. TLT felt it was well worth the price of a ticket and gives it a green/amber light.

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